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Chaparral Hills Elementary School

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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Chaparral Hills Elementary School is an enriched academic and social environment that provides global experiences for all students to become productive citizens.


We believe global productive citizenship and high academic performance are related and all students should work towards productivity. Adults will guide students and it is the student's responsibility to learn. Students must know the expectations, be responsible for executing those expectations and evaluate choices when executing expectations.

School Mascot

Our school mascot is the Cheetah. Below is some information about the cheetah:
Collectively, cheetahs form a coalition. Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land and can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour for short distances. Because of their long legs, slender bodies, and beautiful spots, cheetahs are often considered to be the most elegant of all big cats. Three characteristics make cheetahs different from other big cats. These characteristics also symbolize the qualities of our school staff and students:
  • Cheetahs are smaller than other big cats and must rely on speed for survival. Like cheetahs, the Chaparral Hills staff and students are goal oriented and works efficiently towards achieving our goals.
  • Cheetahs are the only big cats that do not roar. Instead, they purr. And, they purr loudest when they are with other cheetahs. Like cheetahs, the Chaparral Hills staff and students enjoy working together and being together.
  • Cheetahs are the most gentle of the big cats. Like cheetahs, the Chaparral Hills staff and students are easy-going and we are not easily angered.
School Colors

Coinciding with our mascot, our school colors are black and gold.