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Chaparral Hills Elementary School

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i-Ready Achieve-a-Thon Achievers for the week of 5/25 to 5/29 2020

These are the top two students in each grade whom achieved at least an 80% or higher lesson average and had at least 60 minutes on both Reading and Math for the week.


Kinder – Scarlet Dittes, and Emiliano Rodriguez Tejada.


1st Grade – Maximiliano Anaya, and Jahsiah Wilston.


2nd Grade – Esteban Duque, and Alyssa Estrada.


3rd Grade – Abraham Valdez, and Milahni Wilston.


4th Grade – Hugo Reyes, and Liliana Vargas.


5th Grade – Aidan Montoya, and Daniel Villanueva.